University Guardianship

£300 per year or
£100 per term


Per year £300
Per term £100
Light Guardianship


  • 24hour emergency contact for parents, students and university
  • Welfare support and action on behalf of the student and/or parents in case of emergency
  • Selection of a suitable family to provide accommodation and guardianship support in an emergency
  • Insurance: professional indemnity and public liability to cover emergency homestay
  • Access to all other SE guardianship supports

Compulsory charges


Registration fee £50
Expenses deposit £300
Accommodation fee (breakfast, lunch and dinner included) in emergency only £50 per night + administration fee £240
Crisis management (school suspension/expulsion, illness, cancelled flights) £50 per hour
Airport transport Individually priced
Attendance at parent-teacher meeting (full report sent to parents) Individually priced
Christmas/Easter/Summer holiday Individually priced

All fees include VAT (government tax) where applicable.