Educational Guardianship

From pre-entry to post-exit, Sutherland Education provides specialist advice and support to enable your child to flourish on their course of study. 

Our educational consultancy services can be accessed as included within the ‘Educational Guardianship’ category, or as stand-alone services added to either the ‘Contact Guardianship’ or ‘Light Guardianship’ categories.  Our experienced educational consultants can provide students with a clear pathway for their individual journey from school, to college, to University and beyond.   We can assist with school selection (in collaboration with your agent if you have one), course choices, subject choices, University selection, University application; interview practice for school, college or University, Oxbridge admission and give pre- and post-graduate careers advice.

Our guardians will take a keen interest in your child’s academic progress at school or College and will attend school open days, parent-teacher evenings and any concerts or productions in which your child may be performing.  We can also help arrange Skype reports from tutors and organise appropriate translators.

Education guardianship is goal oriented to your child’s academic success.  Our specialist education consultants have over 50 years’ experience within the British Education system and can help your child surpass even the highest expectations.  We have close contact with top UK boarding and independent schools and are a highly trusted provider of guardianship throughout the country.

Educational Guardianship

Per Year £3500 (+VAT)
Per Term No termly option
24 hour contact for parents, student, school and host family
Emergency contact and action on behalf of parents
Selection of a suitable family and making exeat/half term arrangements
24 hour everyday support and pastoral care
Arrangement of travel between airport and school, and to and from families
Assistance with planning school holidays and holiday courses while your child remains in the UK
Arrangement of other travel within the UK
Work with Agent to assist with school selection/assistance when a change of school is required
Communication with parents, student and school on educational matters as required
Assistance with subject choices
Guardian will visit the school once per term
Attendance at parent-teacher meetings
Guidance with University and College applications and UCAS
Assistance with purchase and replacement of school uniform items
Arrange tutoring and educational diagnostics
Progress report 3X per year (translation on request at cost)
School will be visited by an SE director at least once per year.

Compulsory charges

Registration Fee

£100 (+VAT)


£1000 (no VAT)

Credit Fund

£500 (no VAT)

Accommodation fee (where required)

£35 per night (no VAT)

Extra meals (where required)

£5 per meal (no VAT)

Optional Extras

Assistance Booking flights

no extra cost

Help with arranging  visas to other countries for short trips

no extra cost

Arrangments for the collection of the Biometric Residence Permit (BRP)

no extra cost

Arrangements for specialist medical treatment and insurance (optional)

no extra cost

Additional Time (outside standard guardian’s normal duties, e.g. attending parents’ evening under Standard guardianship, escorting to and from airports)

no extra cost

Administration of exeat/half term holidays not spent with the host family

no extra cost

Book an SE member to visit your child at host family or school

no extra cost

Written translation of school report

£300 (+VAT) per report (2500 words approx)

Verbal translation via phone/sykpe

£50 per hour

Day Students

Private fostering fee (under 16 years) £20 per week (no VAT)
Accommodation (price variance depending on area) £30-£45 per night (no VAT)