Meet The Team

The Sutherland Education team is headed up by its founding Director, Andrew Sutherland. Andrew has worked in guardianship since his mother founded the first organisation, Kith and Kind, in 1965. Andrew’s vast experience in the independent sector, as a school master and deputy head, makes him a rare and sagacious source of knowledge and advice.

Kristy Bannon is our Guardianship Manager who takes care of the daily running of guardianship and organises our ongoing promotion and recruitment. Kristy is a Master’s graduate from the University of Pittsburgh, USA and her research skills have given her finely tuned skills in communication which ensure that all our stakeholders: students, parents, guardians and schools can work together effectively.

Assisting Kristy in her role, we have a Guardianship Administrator, Wioletta Laszyn. Wioletta is also a Master’s graduate, specializing in Education Management. Wioletta has been with the team for many years and her knowledge and experience is invaluable, particularly with regard to safeguarding our students and vetting our families.

Last, but in no way least, we also have an Oxford graduate and member of the Sutherland clan, Peter, who is our careers consultant and full-time brother to Andrew.

Kristy Bannon

Guardianship Manager

Working closely with the guardianship assistant, Kristy provides a 360 degree service to all those within our care. As the Company expands, Kristy is also driving our promotion as an excellent service provider throughout the sector. Kristy has a strategic role with regard to running our recruitment of students and Guardians and will conduct house checks and initial interviews.

Andrew Sutherland BA (Hons), PGCE

Director & CEO

Andrew Sutherland read History and Education at York University. He is the founder and Principal of Sutherland Education.

Wioletta Laszyn

Student Welfare & HR Manager

Wioletta is an experienced welfare officer, and HR personnel manager. She is the first point of contact for many of our students and she takes care to get to know them and make them feel at home with their guardian and host family.

Peter Sutherland

Careers Advisor

Peter Sutherland (MA Oxon. PGCE) read Modern Languages at Oxford University. He then became a solicitor with a leading City firm before turning to teaching.