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Sutherland Education provides educational guardianship services, looking after the well-being of children and young adults who are studying in the UK.  Our guardians work with parents and agents to ensure the safeguarding of their children whilst they are living away from home. 

Sutherland Education was founded by Andrew Sutherland, who took over the family business started by his mother Mrs Betty Sutherland, in 1965. Andrew is also the founder of the regulatory body for the sector, AEGIS, (Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students).  

This year Sutherland Education celebrates its 55th Anniversary, making us the longest standing provider of educational guardianship in the UK.

Why choose us

Safeguarding: Originator of AEGIS the regulatory body for the industry

Reputation: 55 years of Education Guardianship provision

Value for Money: Light Guardianship option for students who do not require accommodation –  just £570 per year

Individual regular homestay guardian appointed for each student

With such longevity and experience within the education sector, it is no surprise that Andrew Sutherland originated the charitable organisation, AEGIS, The Association for the Education and Guardianship of International Students. This nationally recognised organisation sets the safeguarding standard for UK guardianship and acts as the regulatory body for the guardianship sector throughout the UK.

We take meticulous care to visit and vet every new host family and guardian. We keep in close contact with our guardians throughout the year and one of our team is always on call to ensure 24-7 security. Our students can reach us at any time of day or night and our trusted drivers provide transport to and from airports and schools.

Sutherland Education is not only affiliated to AEGIS, but Andrew Sutherland currently sits on the Advisory Committee as a founding member.

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